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Services Offered At Our Boonton Township Chiropractic Clinic

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At Boonton Township chiropractor, Dr. Paul M. Lewandowski has been a doctor of chiropractic since 1985. In that time, he's made it his mission to stay up-to-date with best practice and cutting-edge technology that has graced the world of chiropractic care. That's why he's proud to be an area leader in advanced chiropractic medicine and is honored to provide a variety of comprehensive, non-invasive, and innovative services to his community. 

Services Offered

Whether you're dealing with a nagging injury from years ago, an acute sports injury, a car accident injury, or some other physical condition, our chiropractic team can help! Here are the key services we offer to Boonton Township and surrounding communities: 

Chiropractic Care

The keystone of any chiropractic practice is chiropractic adjustments, which are far more nuanced than "cracking the back." Chiropractic adjustments actually help realign misplaced spinal joints (which can come out of place due to stress, chronic injury, illness, or acute trauma) and reduce pain by "resetting" the central nervous system. For this reason, chiropractic care is effective for treating everything from spinal conditions to extremity pain.


Physical modalities are an exciting part of rehabilitative medicine because they offer patients the benefits of innovative technology without the drawbacks of invasive procedures (such as prolonged recovery time and adverse effects). Some of the physiotherapy treatments we offer at our clinic include:

  • Interferential electrical muscle stimulation
  • Cryotherapy (ice and heat)
  • Microamperage neural stimulation
  • Diathermy
  • Computerized spinal decompression

Corrective Exercises

Exercise is not just about getting strong. Exercise is also important for facilitating motor control, improving joint stability, and even promoting tissue healing. It all depends on the exact prescription and goal of treatment. Dr. Lewandowksi is an experienced clinician who loves using corrective exercises to help his patients improve their function and reduce their symptoms. His corrective exercise prescriptions are fully customizable depending on the individual patient's stage of healing and physical needs. 

Postural Analysis & Screening

In our experience, we all take for granted the way we sit, walk, stand, and move around at work and in our day-to-day lives. Dr. Lewandowski uses his experienced eye and critical analysis skills to help you learn about your body and understand how hidden factors and postural imbalances may be contributing to your dysfunction, then correct these imbalances using practical and holistic steps.

Wondering if we can help you recover from an acute or chronic pain condition?

We invite you to come find out! Call the friendly staff of Dr. Lewandowski today at 973-402-1331 to schedule your initial appointment and learn more about the services we offer and conditions we treat.

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