It was announced that Dr. Paul M. Lewandowski a chiropractic physician of Boonton, NJ was recently named as the Chiropractor to the United States Men’s Water Polo Team. He will accompany the team to Shanghai, China for part of the FINA World League Tour on May 23, 2014.

Dr. Lewandowski is board certified in sports injuries and played water polo and swam in college. He has also competed for the New York Athletic Club and is affiliated with them as a coach of swimming and water polo. He maintains a private practice in Boonton, NJ where he just celebrated his twenty fifth year of practice. He was also named as one of the TopDocs for NJ for 2014.

Dr. Lewandowski was interviewed by Naresh Rao, DO, FAOASM of New York City who is the chief physician for US Water Polo. “He noted that Dr. Lewandowski not only had the education and credentials but the first hand knowledge of the mechanics of the sport backed with years of experience.”

The tournament will consist of a round robin of play with the first games for the US to be against China, Russia and Brazil. Second round of games will be determined by the outcome of the first round.

Water Polo has been an Olympic and International sport since 1904 when the US won the first Olympic Gold Medal at St. Louis. Currently the men’s team is ranked ninth in the world.

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